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Equip & Empower

It is our desire to be a part of a thriving community full of leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners, all with a solid foundation, grounded in Kingdom Principles, as they build and serve effectively in the marketplace.

We equip and empower leaders and business owners with support and accountability through a 10 month mindset-focused group mentorship program.



Abdiel and Rosemary Ruiz are influential leaders in the southern Dallas County, TX community. They started their Market Place Initiatives by providing no-cost business conferences to the community, sponsored by their financial services business.


As the outreach grew, they felt the need to take it a step further. Throughout the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019, they decided to hold meetings with like minded local business owners to further discuss a new form of outreach: mentorship.


These leaders quickly became close friends and formed the initial Board of Directors for The STEP Mindset. By studying businesses and organizations with continuing success in terms of profitability and high community impact, curriculum was developed and the mentorship program initiated in the summer of 2019. 


The logo for The S.T.E.P. Mindset features two faces, each looking in opposite directions. These faces represent the opposing mindsets that exist in everything a leader does and every situation and position they have.


Usually, a leader’s mindset will unconsciously fall on the spectrum between two extremes depending solely on how their perception of current circumstances match their past experiences. However, many times these rearward looking and unconscious mindsets do not serve leaders or their organizations very well.


The logo reminds us that even in our beliefs and mindsets, we have a choice… and making that choice deliberately can make all the difference for a leader’s business or organization.


Board of Directors

Abdiel - headshot.png

Abdiel Ruiz

Chair of the Board

Jeanetta - headshot.png

Jeanetta Dagley

Executive Director

Board Member

rosemary - headshot.png

Rosemary Ruiz


aurora headshot.png

Aurora Castillo


Dave - headshot.png

David Martin

Program Instructor

Board Member

vernon headshot.png

Vernon Folks

Board Member

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